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Christmas with a Cause

Christmas with a Cause was originally a Christmas dinner for men and women in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. This program paved the way for Arizona Hygiene for Hope. The holidays are the number one time of year for stress and anxiety, eventually leading to relapse and/or possibly suicide. Our first dinner was planned for 306 residents and we ended serving just over 900 meals. Homeless from off the street showed up, and from there, our mission was born.

We now work with multiple rehabilitation centers, half-way houses, sober living facilities, teen pregnancy agencies, young adults who have aged out of the foster system (18-21 years old), as well as the homeless in the greater Phoenix area. We also serve individuals and families who live well below the poverty level. Additionally, we accept referrals from churches, local fire departments and police stations.

Christmas with a Cause is now a full-fledged Christmas Extravaganza that you must see to believe! We now serve just over 10,000 individuals at each program, and we are only growing! Many of us know someone who has shown up to Christmas with nothing to give. The shame and despair on their face tells a tale of regret and failure. Christmas with a Cause corrects this pain, giving self-esteem that’s created by being able to give a gift: with no shame of asking a family member to pay for the gift, no sadness at being empty handed, all that shame and pain is washed away by the generosity of our donors.

We supply gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses and children. If they have a child who lives out of state, we also do the packing and pay for the shipping of the gifts. Christmas with a Cause is set up like a Shopping Mall with 30 – 40 stores. When the families and individuals arrive, they receive a credit card, and step through a doorway into a shopping extravaganza. Music fills the air and the joy of shopping for free creates excitement everyone. We can’t really explain Christmas with a Cause you have to Experience it!

Attendees can purchase items from clothing options, hygiene options, and general holiday gifts. Christmas with a Cause’s Clothing store includes: shirts, pants, suits, dresses, coats, shoes and even new socks, underwear and bras. Our Hygiene store includes: shampoo, soap, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, Q-Tips, deodorant, sanitary products and so much more. We have a gift wrap shop, as well as a Christmas card shop.  We have an area called “Candy Cane Lane” that is for children ONLY. All kids can enter and do shopping for the special people on their own list. We have a coffee shop, a bakery, and of course a Christmas feast like no other. Our family photo lab is a place to capture the excitement of the day, and to start moving out of the past and into the future. We have pastors and ministers who are available for one-on-one prayer for individuals, families, teens and children who are looking for just a little bit more out of the day.

Christmas with a Cause has so many stories of families being reunited, individuals turning their lives around, parents breaking down from the overwhelming feeling of gratitude, children screaming in EXCITEMENT. There are so many broken people who now realize that someone cares, and that it’s not just words but rather unselfish acts of kindness. Christmas with a Cause is a life changing for both the volunteers and those who attend.

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Who we Serve:

• Living on the Street, In Cars, In Tents and Couch Surfing.
• Veterans, Youth, Senior, Individuals, and families who are currently displaced.

Men and Women:
• Currently in Rehabilitation Centers, Treatment Centers, Half-Way Houses, and Sober Living Facilities.

New Families:
• 18-25 Year Olds who have Fostered OUT of the Foster System,
• Grandparents who now have Custody of their Grandchildren as well as Foster Parents who need help with the day to day Basic Necessities.
• Families Suffering from Covid and living well below the Poverty Level.

Newly Released Prisoners:
• Men and Women who are now Transitioning back into Society and are currently in Re-Entry Facilities learning new skills and/or a trade.

Military and Veterans:
• Papago National Guards, Luke Air-force Base, The 161st Air-wing, The 162nd Air-wing, US Vets, Veterans Success Center, Border Control, MANA House, and Our Gold Star Families.

Individuals in Immediate Danger:
• Sex-Trafficked Individuals (Including: Women, Men, Girls and Boys), Both Women and Men who now reside in Battered Persons Shelters.
• Referrals from Local Fire Departments, Police Stations, and Churches, as well as, Referrals from School Nurses and Local Burn Units.

What We Do:

We HONOR Every Individual as they are right now. We ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER People to grow and MOTIVATE them to be the person they we born to. By doing this we Believe that Everyone PROSPERS.

How We Do It:
• We reach out to our Community with our Signature Programs.
• We Supply Hygiene, Clothing, Food and Basic Necessities to those in need.
• We Partner 200 Plus Local Non-profits with products to help our Community.
• We Partner with Local businesses to get Resources to People most in need.
• We have opened ‘FREE Shop’ where people can come get Day to Day Items they Need. (Appointment or Referral Needed)
• We get DIRTY! We Take to the Streets to reach Our Forgotten and Our Most Vulnerable.

Just The FACTS:

Our Growth and Impact:

Christmas with a Cause2009900 Served
 202111,000 Served
Best Day Ever (Women's Only)201050 Served
 2022750 Served
Man UP (Men's Only)201070 Served
 20221,820 Served
“Egg-tra" Ordinary Family (Families and Individuals)2010125 Served
 202210,500 Served
Community Project and Take it to the STREET2010300 Served
(So far this year)20228,500 Served
Veterans and Military20100 Served
(So far this year)20229,000 Served
Day to Day20100 Served
 20227,500 Served